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A printer will typically show up as “Offline” if your computer is unable to connect to the device. This might be brought on by issues with crucial system functions, out-of-date printer drivers, loose cable connections, etc.

Steps to get back your printer online:

  • Check the printer, cables, and connections
  • Check your internet connection
  • Restart your printer and computer
  • Set the printer as default
  • Remove all pending print jobs
  • Run the printer troubleshooter
  • Disable use printer offline mode
  • Remove and reinstall the printer
  • Reinstall the drivers

My Xerox Printer is offline

The printing capabilities of Xerox printers have traditionally been unsurpassed in the photo and printing industries. However, the offline Xerox printer issue might utterly destroy the experience annoying the users while utilizing these printers

Why does my Xerox printer not work?

Has the offline error also occurred on your Xerox printer? Be at ease.

We have a workable solution for this issue. But why did your Xerox printer stop working? Well, the case is brought on by numerous factors, including equipment production. Whether printing a business.

  • The communication between the printer, computer, and the router is disrupted by loose wires and USB cables.
  • The system is having issues and is being clogged by the print jobs in the queues.
  • While printing, problems can be caused by an outdated printer driver and an incompatible Windows OS print driver.
  • Your Xerox printer is currently offline: That is a result of your manual offline setting.
  • Your Xerox printer may need to be reset or restarted due to minor technical issues.
  • Your printer is offline due to the active SNMP status (Simple Network Management Protocol).

How Can I Bring My Xerox Printer Back Online?

The best solutions to offline errors are covered in this section. All of these actions must be carried out exactly as described here. You can stop the troubleshooting process once the issue has been resolved. Let’s not do it.

Method 1: Inspect the USB cables and network cables

You must adhere to these instructions depending on whether your Xerox printers are Ethernet- or wireless-connected.

  • Check the Ethernet cables to make sure they are not frayed or worn out.
  • Check the connector for damage by removing the Ethernet cable from the printer and router.
  • Reconnect it now with the network and printer (Make sure to hear the click sound).
  • Make that the router’s internet lights are flashing properly.
  • If you’re using a wireless router, check to see if it connects to your local router by clicking the WiFi icon in the System Tray on your PC.
  • Join your computer and Xerox machine on the same network.

To guarantee there is no defect in this segment, as a last resort, switch the Ethernet cable and USB cable to the new wire.

Method 2: Resetting the Software on Xerox Printer

Reset the software by using the Control Panel for your printer. The network controller and the system’s temporary files will be deleted during this procedure.

  • Verify the printer is turned on.
  • Allow the Control Panel to be lit up and ready for use.
  • Click the login/Out button on the side panel to continue.
  • Enter the credentials if the System Administrator is requested.
  • At the panel’s bottom, click the Machine Status button.
  • On the screen, tap the Tools tab and select Troubleshooting.
  • Under the Features heading, select Resets.
  • Select Software Reset now.
  • Select All Software > Reset from the list of Reset Options.
  • Your Xerox will now start to reboot; you won’t be able to print until it’s finished.

The next step is to turn the Xerox on and off if the software reset didn’t put the printer back online.

Method 3: Power the Xerox machine on and off

You can help the printer’s volatile memory by completing this step. Because an erroneous shutdown could harm the internal hard drive or cause a printer to malfunction, use the instructions below in the correct order.

  • Offset the Xerox.
  • First, ensure sure nothing is outstanding for printing and save any documents.
  • Now, look inside the tiny space beneath the Control Panel for the secondary power button. For the precise position, consult the printer manual.
  • When you locate it, switch it off.
  • Ten seconds later, turn the touch panel completely off.
  • To turn off the main switch, you must now access the side panel of your printer.
  • Zip up the panel.
  • Before turning on the Xerox printer, you must now wait for at least 2 minutes.
  • Start the Xerox.
  • Close the cover after flipping the main switch underneath the side panel on.
  • Now activate the secondary power button and determine whether or not the Xerox printer offline issue is fixed.

Method 4: Eliminate Windows 10’s Print Queues

  • On your computer, click the Search button, enter Devices and Printers, and then click OK.
  • Select your Xerox printer from the list of printers.
  • Open Print Queues by clicking.
  • Remove all documents by selecting the Printer tab.
  • Once the Use Printer Offline option has been manually deselected, the Xerox printer offline Windows 10 issue will be resolved.
  • Look for the printers and scanners in Windows 7.
  • Go to the Printer menu now.
  • Find your Xerox printer and then right-click it.
  • Decide to use Open Print Queues.
  • Click Remove after selecting every document in the queues.
  • Once more, use the right-click menu to select Xerox and uncheck Use Printer Offline.

Method 5: Set your Xerox printer manually to Online

  • On the side panel next to the touch screen, there is a Log In/Out button that needs to be pressed.
  • Enter the credentials in the login window. If this is your first time entering these details, use “admin” for the Username and “1111” for the Password (do not use quotation marks).
  • Select “Done”
  • Press the Machine Status button at this point.
  • Click the Tools tab on the Machine Status screen.
  • Select Network Settings next.
  • You must select online from the two options available—online or offline.
  • To close, click.
  • Press the Log In/Out button once more, then choose Log Out.

Method 6: Deactivate the SNMP Status in the printer Port 

For Windows 7

  • Your PC’s Start menu should be selected.
  • From the options, choose Control Panel.
  • Go to the Devices and Printers menu in the Control Panel.
  • Pay attention to your Xerox printer.
  • Over the Xerox icon, press the right device.
  • Select Printer Properties from the menu.
  • Then select Configure Port from the Ports menu.
  • The SNMP Status Enabled option must then be unchecked. Click Ok to complete the modifications.
  • After completing these procedures, the Xerox printer offline issue on Windows 7 is fixed.
  • Devices and Printers in the Search box 

For Windows 10

  • Click on your Xerox printer right now.
  • Choose Manage.
  • Select Printer Properties from the menu now.
  • Click the Ports tab to open the Properties box.
  • Uncheck the box next to SNMP Enabled after selecting the option Configure Port.
  • To confirm the setting, click Ok.

Method 7: Reinstalling the Xerox printer

You will need to remove and reinstall the printer using the following instructions if the ones above do not fix the problem.

  • You must first type CMD and press Enter.
  • The command prompt (blank screen) appears. Type print/s /t2 here.
  • It will now display the Print Server Properties window.
  • Right-click the Xerox printer in this window and choose to Remove the Driver.
  • Lock every window.
  • Go to the section for devices and printers now.
  • To add a printer, click.
  • Select your Xerox printer from the list of printers that will appear on the screen.
  • To reinstall the printer and drivers, continue to follow the on-screen directions.

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