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Printer Not printing, it can be a Wi-Fi problem. As a matter of fact, there could be a number of reasons that can cause this issue. Some misconfiguration can be the prominent reasons for the same. Before going to troubleshooting the printer, let’s take a look at the probable reasons for the inability to print.

To resolved an issue printer not printing follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your device is linked to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer by checking these two things.
  • Restart your printer after unplugging it.
  • Decide to make your printer the default printer.
  • Eliminate the print queue.
  • Set the printing queue management service to default settings.

How to Resolve Ricoh Printer not Printing Error?

The most well-known printer brand that is frequently utilized by those who are employed or enrolled in school is Ricoh. The users of these printers can print and scan in high quality. But if you use a printer frequently, you can run into an unidentified issue. How to Fix a Ricoh Printer Not Printing Error is one of the most frequent errors that will be covered in this article. When the light on your Ricoh printer starts to flicker, this signifies there is no printing error.

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Resolve Ricoh Printer not Printing Error

  • First, make sure the printer and wall outlet are both properly connected to the power wire. After that, turn on the power and see how your printing work is progressing.
  • If the online indicator is not lit up, press the online key to turn it on.
  • There is a problem with the equipment if the red light indication is red and doesn’t go out or flashes red. Look for any error messages on the Ricoh printer’s dashboard, then take the appropriate action to resolve the problem.
  • Check the paper tray again to make sure it still contains paper; if it is empty, load more paper into it or onto the bypass tray.
  • Printing a configuration page can help if you are still experiencing printer issues. Malware may be present in your Ricoh printer if a setup page cannot be printed. Contact a service representative about this.
  • Now verify that the printer and PC are both firmly linked to your interface connection. A fastener can provide security assistance. Make sure you are also using the appropriate interface cable for your computer. As a result, the Ricoh system is compatible with a variety of interface cords. Verify that you are using the appropriate one and that the cable is in good condition. Verify the accuracy of all port connection settings.
  • After submitting your papers to print, check the printer for a blinking or illuminated “data in” signal. If the LED is not on or is blinking, the computer is not receiving the data. Additionally, it states that your network is being interfered with the connection.
  • Now, when using the wireless LAN, search for obstacles that might be interfering with the signal strength and attempt to move to a spot where the signal is strong. The Maintenance option on the control panel is then where you may verify the wireless LAN signal.
  • Another potential cause of this error is a weak Bluetooth signal. If the following happens:
    • Ensure that the Bluetooth interface unit is correctly installed.
    • After that, look for any obstacles in the path of the computer, printer, and other devices.
    • Change the computer’s location now.
    • Last but not least, relocate the printer.

Try the nine most common reasons for printer troubles listed above if your Ricoh printer is still giving you printing errors. If you require printer support, consider speaking with our team of specialists for advice on how to solve your printing issue.

Steps for General Troubleshooting Ricoh Not Printing Error

  • First, look over any trouble codes the machine has recorded. The Ricoh printer’s error codes could be the result of a common issue. For instance, the code could mean that there is a paper jam or that a machine part has to be replaced. Consult the service manual for your copier for the error codes.
  • After that, power cycle the copier by shutting it off, waiting about a minute, and then turning it back on. Rebooting your computer is quite similar to this process, which clears the copier’s memory and fixes the issue. Remove the power cable from your Ricoh copier and wait a time before re-connecting it to the power source if you are unable to turn off the device using the power switch.
  • Cleaning the copier is a good idea if you’re having issues with the print quality overall because of dirt and debris. Use a delicate, moist microfiber cloth to clean the glass top. Make sure the cleaning solution doesn’t collect on the copier; doing so could harm sensitive electrical components.
  • Finally, swap out the toner cartridge. If you recently replaced the toner but are still experiencing issues, remove the toner and double-check that all packing has been removed before reinserting it into your copier.

For more information please visit the official website of Ricoh printer, or if you need an assistant then please contact Printer Support USA number +1 855 958 2691.


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