How to Set Up Brother mfc-l6700dw Laser Monochrome Printer?

set up brother mfc-l6700dw laser monochrome printer

Brother Printers are used widely around the world in for the day to day needs of individuals as well as corporates. To start using the printer you first need a proper setup of the printer so that you won’t get stucked with anything while you’re working with any important document in your printer. 

Here in this article we’re sharing the the tutorials to set up brother mfc-l6700dw, readers are advised to be us till the end of the blog if you don’t want to miss any important information about brother mfc-l6700dw laser monochrome printer setup.

Make sure you have access to a wireless network before we start. Note the network key (password/security key) and the network name (SSID). You can find it on the side or bottom of the wireless router or access point if you don’t know it.

Begin By Turning On Your Brother MFC L2700dw

Connect the Brother MFC L2700dw printer’s power cord to a nearby electrical outlet by removing it from the back of the device. Then, turn on your Brother machine by hitting the power button, which is a circular button located in the machine’s control panel’s upper right corner.

  • Select “Menu” from the menu.

The control panel’s menu button, which is next to the arrow keys and is on the bottom right, can be used to access the menu.

  • Click “Network” and then “OK.”

Select “Network” using the up or down arrow keys, then press the “OK” key.

  • Click “WLAN” and then “OK.”

Select the WLAN option using the up or down arrow keys, then press the “OK” key. Please be aware that not all Brother machines may require you to follow this step.

  • Click “Setup Wizard” and then hit “OK.”

Select the option titled Setup Wizard by using the up and down arrow keys, then press the “OK” key.

  • Click “Yes” when asked “WLAN Enable?”

“WLAN Enable?” will be shown on the screen along with “Yes” or “No” choices. Selecting “Yes” will launch the wireless setup wizard, so go ahead and do that.

  •  Click “OK” after choosing your Network Name (SSID)

The list of accessible Network Names in your area will be provided by the wireless setup process. Use the up or down arrow keys to navigate to your network, then press the “OK” key.

  • Type the Network Key (password) and choose “Yes” after clicking “OK.”

The changes will take effect after the Network Key is input, enabling connectivity to the wireless router or access point. You can move on to the following stage if your network is open, unencrypted, and password-free.

  • Check the wireless network connection.

The word “Connected” and the text “Connection: OK” will appear on the screen and the printer, respectively, if the connection is successful. The WiFi button should also be glowing green on the LCD display screen on the left.

The printer will publish a WLAN report with the phrase “Connection: XX” if the connection is lost. Make any necessary corrections by going back and retracing your steps.

Congratulations! Now that your WiFi is up and running, you may start printing from any location inside the wireless network’s coverage area.

If you haven’t already, be sure to download and install the Brother MFC L2700DW laser printer driver software. This will allow your computer to properly access the device and all of its features.


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