How to Resolve Error Code SC899 on Ricoh Printer?

Resolve Error Code SC899 on Ricoh Printer

Resolve Error Code SC899 on Ricoh Printer

When you try to print a document using a Ricoh printer, you may encounter the error code SC899. This is a general error that can occur due to various reasons. It could be caused by the printer itself, or due to the computer or printer settings. Fortunately, there are several solutions you can try to resolve this error code.

Step to Resolve Error Code SC899 on Ricoh Printer

  • Turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait for some time and plug the power cable back and turn it on.
  • If the error persists, check for any obstructions in the paper path.
  • Clear all the paper jams, if any.
  • If the issue still remains, check for any foreign objects stuck in the paper path and remove them if found.
  • Now, try to print something and see if the error is resolved.
  • If the error still persists, you may need to replace some parts like the fuser unit, or the transfer belt. Contact a service technician to get it replaced.

How to Fix Error Code SC899 on Ricoh Printer?

The first step to resolving the error code SC899 is to check the printer settings. Make sure all the settings are correct, such as the paper size, type, and orientation. Also, double-check the printer driver is up to date and that the right one is installed.

If the settings are correct, you should try restarting the printer. Simply turn it off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. This may help reset any settings that may have caused the error code SC899.

If the error code persists, you should clear the printer’s memory. To do this, turn off the printer, unplug it, and then wait for at least one minute before plugging it back in. This will clear any data stored in the printer’s memory that may be causing the error.

You should also check the USB or network connection. Make sure the printer is correctly connected to the computer. If it’s connected through USB, try a different port. If it’s connected through a network, try a different cable and/or port.

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to update the firmware on your Ricoh printer. To do this, first, find out which version of the firmware is currently installed on your printer. To do this, turn on the printer and then press and hold the Menu button. Next, press the Up arrow button until you see the System Information option. Select this option and then look for the firmware version.

Once you know the version of the firmware, you can download the latest version from the Ricoh website. To install the firmware, follow the instructions in the installation wizard. Once it is installed, restart the printer and try to print again.

Finally, if none of the above solutions work, you may need to contact Ricoh customer service. They can provide more detailed instructions for resolving the error code SC899.

In conclusion, error code SC899 is a general error that can occur due to various reasons. To resolve this error, try checking the printer settings, restarting the printer, clearing the printer’s memory, checking the USB or network connection, and updating the firmware. If none of these solutions work, contact Ricoh customer service for further assistance.