How to Resolve Brother Printer Error Code 30?

Brother Printer Error Code 30

Brother Printer Error Code 30

Brother printers are highly respected for their exceptional quality prints and minimal error messages. But just like any other printer, these devices are not free from technical issues. They can start displaying errors from time to time and you may have to troubleshoot them to get back your printing operations.

One of the common messages you can see on Brother Printers is ‘Error 30’. In such scenarios, you can’t move ahead with the printing task and have to take the necessary steps to resolve the error. Assuming that you are new at this, here is a list of steps you should follow to get rid of Brother Printer Error Code 30.

Steps to Resolve Brother Printer Error Code 30

  • First, you should try and understand what is the exact issue that’s causing the error. Error Code 30 is shown if your printer is having difficulties to read or recognize an external memory device such as a USB drive or SD card. In some cases, the error may even show up if you are trying to use an embedded font or EPS program.
  • Once you have identified the issue, restart your printer by turning the power switch Off and then turn it On again. This will refresh the connection between the printer and the external device and clear all the processes from its memory.
  • In some cases, your printer may also show the error code if a corrupt file is sent for printing. To resolve this, you can delete the file from memory by pressing the MENU button on your printer and selecting the ‘Clear’ option.
  • Depending on the type of error message, you may also need to reset the printer to factory settings. To do this, press the MENU button, scroll down to the ‘Reset’ option, and confirm the action by pressing the ‘OK’ button. This will reset all settings and restore all the previously stored settings as well.
  • If the error message persists even after trying the above two solutions, you should check the connection between the printer and the external device. This includes making sure that the USB connected to your printer is secure. If it’s loose or displaced, attach it correctly as it may be interfering with the normal functioning of the device.
  • If the connection to the external device is correct, you should also make sure that it is compatible with your printer. If you are using a USB drive, check that its format is compatible to your Brother Printer. Likewise, you should also check that the attached SD card is supported by your printer.

Lastly, if all steps mentioned above fail to resolve the Error Code 30, you should contact a printer technician. They can review your printer’s settings, diagnose the issue, and recommend the best way to resolve the printing issue. Make sure not to try any DIY hacks as you may end up with bigger technical problems.


In conclusion, Brother Printer Error Code 30 is usually connected to compatibility issues between the printer and the external device. You can try resetting the printer, deleting the corrupt file, and checking the connection between the printer and external device. But if the issue continues, you should contact a Brother Printer Support professional technician.