How to Fix HP Printer Light Blinking Error?

How to Fix HP Printer Light Blinking Error?
The HP printer light blinking error is one of the frequent issues users go through. You are unable to comprehend the cause of the mistakenly blinking light.

Depending on the kind of issues with the printer, the HP Printer Led Light blinks or flashes with various coloured patterns. A distinct type of blinking LED light is included on the HP printer. We’ve covered the explanation and fixes for the blinking HP printer light fault in this blog.


There are a number of causes for this light-blinking issue, all of which are simply resolved with basic procedures.

Causes of the Blinking Error on an HP Printer:

The Red, Blue, and Orange lights on the HP printer flicker or blink. In HP printers, there are a number of causes for the light to blink or flash.


  1. HP Printer Paper Jam or Empty Paper Tray
  2. the printer’s use of incompatible ink cartridges causes
  3. Perhaps an element within the printer malfunctioned.
  4. Printers can require rebooting or restarting when a network or Bluetooth connection is lost.


Steps for Troubleshooting the HP Printer Light Blinking/Flashing Problem


Blinking HP printer lights is a typical problem. using two distinct techniques, to resolve the problem with the HP printer light blinking. To fix the light blinking in the HP printer fault, follow the following.


Process 1: How to Address the Blinking of All Lights in an HP Printer


All of the control panel lights flash when you view the HP printer. The lights on the printer, including the power light, the ink cartridge light, and the color cartridge light, will serve as a warning sign that something may be wrong internally. To fix it, adhere to the procedures.


1. Detach the power cord and turn off the printer.


2. Hold off for 5 minutes.


3. Re-plug the power cord into the outlet, then turn the printer on.


4. After turning on the HP printer, look to see if the light is blinking.


When the printer’s flickering lights stop, the device is functioning properly. But if the problem with the light blinking is still there, use the second approach. Need assistance with the steps? Use the free live chat feature to speak with an HP printer expert.

Process 2: Moves toward Fix HP printer Light blinking error

Follow the 2 nd Process moves toward fixing the HP printer light blinking error

1. Eliminate the Ink Cartridge Cautiously from the printer

2. Presently Mood killer the HP printer from the power string

3. Detach the organization association from the HP printer

4. Sit tight for 10 seconds

5. Turn on the printer and reconnect with the organization association

6. Presently check regardless of whether the lights are squinting. In the event that the lights are not flickering, it implies the issue has been fixed.

Get Constant Answers for All HP printer Issues from HP specialists

The above investigating techniques assist you with settling the HP printer Light flickering issue. In the event that you face any difficulty fixing the Printer light flickering blunder, then, at that point, you can get ongoing and instant support from HP specialized specialists through FREE LIVE Talk or complementary number.