How To Find Samsung Printer’s WPS Pin?

Find WPS Pin on Samsung Printer

Find Samsung Printer’s WPS Pin

The WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) is an easy way to securely connect a printer to a home wireless network. It eliminates the need to manually enter a network name and security key when setting up a device on a wireless network. WPS is supported on most modern home routers and Wi-Fi printers that support Wi-Fi Direct.

To find your Samsung printer’s Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN, follow these steps:

  • Check your printer’s user manual. A number of Samsung’s latest printers include a printed user manual that has the WPS Pin near the back of it. Be sure to check this first in case you don’t need to follow the rest of the steps.
  • Get the WPS PIN from the printer’s display. Some models allow you to generate a WPS pin directly from the printer’s display, in which case the WPS PIN should be displayed there. If your printer model does not allow for this, proceed to the next step.
  • Use the printer’s setup menu on the printer’s control panel. This should be done if your printer does not have a display that can generate a WPS pin. To access the setup menu, press the Home button on the printer’s control panel. On the Home menu, select Wireless > WiFi Protected Setup. The WPS PIN should be displayed in the WiFi Protected Setup screen.
  • Use the printer’s web-based setup page. If you don’t have access to the printer’s control panel, you can also get the WPS pin by using the printer’s web-based setup page. To access the web-based setup page, open a browser on your computer and type the printer’s internal IP address in the address bar. The printer’s internal IP address can usually be found in the router’s DHCP table.

Once you have access to the web-based setup page, look for the WPS option and you should find the PIN there.

Once you have the WPS pin for your Samsung printer you should be able to easily connect it to your home’s wireless network. If you encounter any problems, be sure to consult your printer’s user manual or manufacturer’s website for more information. Remember to keep your WPS PIN safe to ensure a secure connection. If you need more assistance then connect with the Samsung Printer Support team.