How to connect HP Officejet 4500 wireless?

How to connect HP Officejet 4500 wireless?

Connecting the HP Office jet 4500 wireless printer is very easy but it could be a tricky one if you’re not aware of the steps that are to be taken in the perfect order. Here in this article we’re giving you a complete step by step guide to connect HP Office jet 4500 wireless printer, readers are advised to read the article till the end to get your HP Office jet 4500 wireless printer connected successfully.

Open the package, then set up the Office Jet 4500 printer by plugging it into a USB port or a network. Software installation is not included in this. Both a WiFi and USB connection are supported by the HP Office Jet 4500. The instructions in the setup guide from HP are supplemented by the following guide.

First of all, take the printer out of the box

After removing the cable, install the disk.To take the printer piece out, turn the box upside down and slide the printer out of the box. Remove the foam and other packing materials including the plastics and unpack the printer carriage bags.

Plug in the printer to a power source

There will be a purple connection showing in the back of the printer with a clip on the top of the plug.

  • Power the printer with the power button given on the lower left side of the control panel. Press the power button and you will see the lights turning on the display screen of your HP Officejet 4500 wireless.
  • After Powering on, select the language by answering the question displaying on the screen. Press 1 on the numeric pad to select the English language, use the left and right arrow key to change the language preferences according to your understanding.
  • Select the location on the display after selecting the language.
  • Check if the printer cartridges are working or not. You may get a popup message that the “printer cartridge is not detected” or “not working”. If you see this popup message, turn off the printer then turn on again.
  • In the next step you will need to install the paper guide which will be required for your printer to process the print job command and get your data printed.
  • After that, press OK and start the process of alignment.
  • Turn the wireless mode on by pressing the wireless button on the left control panel and wait for the light to turn blue.
  • Connect to a wireless network for the connectivity of your HP Office jet 4500 wireless printer.
  • The next step involves the installation of Printer software on your system. For which you need to use the CD provided along with your printer in the packing box. 
  • Plug the round end of the cable at the printer end and the square end at the computer end to use the USB Cable Connection.

Now your HP Office jet 4500 Wireless printer is ready for your use. Hope the article about how to connect HP Office jet 4500 Wireless printer was helpful for you.


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