How Do I Fix Paper Jam on Ricoh Printer?

Fix Paper Jam on Ricoh Printer

Fix Paper Jam on Ricoh Printer

Having a paper jam in your Ricoh printer can be really frustrating. It can disrupt your workflow and cause a lot of wasted time & paper if not sorted out quickly. Your printer’s user manual will have all the information you need to prepare and fix it.

Step to Fix Paper Jam on Ricoh Printer

1. Make sure the printer is turned off and unplugged.
2. Carefully slide open the cover, being sure to avoid touching any internal parts.
3. Locate the paper jam. Use a flashlight to identify the exact area and type of paper jam.
4. Clear away any paper fragments or obstructions.
5. Carefully pull out any stuck pieces of paper.
6. Reload the tray, checking for any tears or wrinkles in the paper before inserting it into the cartridge.
7. Close the cover and plug in the printer.
8. Turn the printer on and run a test page to make sure the error has been cleared.

How to Fix Paper Jam on Ricoh Printer?

This article is written to give you an overview of how to effectively and efficiently troubleshoot and fix a paper jam in your Ricoh printer.

Before you do anything, it is essential that you turn off the power to your Ricoh printer. Before attempting to remove the jam, you will need to rotate the printer cover open. Locate the jammed paper and cut the excess if there’s any visible.

Using both hands, carefully remove the jammed paper from the machine. Be careful not to tear the paper. Once you have done that, you can now turn the power back on.

You will need to open the paper tray to check if there is any paper stuck in the tray itself. If there is, make sure to remove it carefully and gently so as not to cause further jamming.

You will then need to check if the paper you are attempting to print is appropriate for the printer. If the paper is too thick, it will not pass through the printer and cause a jam. As such, ensure that the paper you are using is within the required thickness range suggested by the user manual.

You might want to try printing regular paper and perhaps print a test page if the jamming continues. This will help pinpoint the source of the issue.

You should also check if the rollers in the paper tray are in good condition. If they are dirty or worn out, clean them regularly using tweezers. Alternatively, you can replace the rollers if they are damaged.

If you have tried all of the above steps and the jamming persists, then it is time to call in for professional help. In the case of a more serious issue, it might be the case that the printer needs a new tray, roller or other parts. It is best to call in for help before attempting to replace the parts yourself.


In conclusion, paper jams in a Ricoh printer may be a common occurrence but it is relatively easy to fix if you follow the above steps. Just remember to turn off the power to your printer before attempting to remove the paper. You should also inspect the paper tray, rollers, and the paper you are using to print before calling in for professional help.