How do I fix Epson printer jam issue?

How do I fix Epson printer jam issue

If your Epson Printer Jam prevents you from printing your important document, it could be really perplexing for you. There might be a few problems that cause the Epson printer to jam. Torn papers or printed names can also create Epson printer paper jams. These can happen within or outside the printer, in the programmed report feeder, in the paper tape, or even in the duplexer. These include cramming the paper plate and improperly positioning the papers in the plate.

Here in the blog we will talk about all the investigating tips to Fix the Paper Jam in Epson Printer, To acquire all the information, readers are urged to read the article through to the end.

 Ways to fix the epson printer jam issue:- 

 Follow the accompanying investigating steps assuming your paper is stuck inside your Epson Printer.

  • Shut down all the printing position
  • Eliminate the back cover by squeezing the button to disconnect back cover
  • Check for any stuck paper around there, eliminate assuming there exists any.
  • Connect every one of the parts back with the printer and run the printing position.
  • Clearing Stuck Papers in the ADF
  • Papers could likewise be stuck in the Programmed Archive Feeder, following the moves toward clear stuck papers from the ADF.
  • Drop all the running printing positions.
  • Clean out every one of the firsts off of the ADF
  • In the wake of eliminating the stuck papers, close the ADF
  • Set the ADF plate in its unique position
  • Reload the pages

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